Beige St. Louis- authentic?

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  1. #1 May 20, 2019
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    I’m generally a newbie to the Goyard brand. I have one St. Louis pm in navy which I love. The other week I spotted a lovely beige colored St. Louis on a stylish older woman and I didn’t doubt its authenticity until I went home to try to find the color online. Only counterfeit Goyards are ones that I have seen so far from my search. Have any of you all come across this color? I just saw this one being sold on Vestiaire and claimed to be authentic but like I said I have only seen this color represented in fakes online. TIA!

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  2. This is not an authentic Goyard or color
  3. Hi!
    Only approved members are allowed to authenticate on tPF, and all inquiries MUST be in the thread provided at the top of each forum.
Thread Status:
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