Beige Soho Disco

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  1. #1 Jul 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016

    I bought a beige, small Soho disco bag yesterday-finally! I was trying to decide between beige and red and decided to go wit the beige....I am not sure if it is the rose beige or beige. I don't necessarily plan to use this bag as an everyday bag, but will use it for going out at night and during the day when I don't want a big tote. Here's my question-- will this bag be ok in the Fall and Winter or does it look to Spring-like? I live in Chicago-- will be using this while wearing a heavy winter coat at times. Is the color too light? Should I have purchased the red?
    P.s. It is a shade or two darker IRL. Looks a bit lighter in photo.

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  2. Keeeeeeeeep I tried to buy this bag on Friday but they didn't have the beige color, only black. So I bought the blooms camera instead, same shape but more firm. I think the beige is perfect. ~ XOXO
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  3. Not sure if it's the lighting but I have rose beige and that definitely doesn't look like rose beige. But it looks like all year round bag to me.
  4. It's a perfect colour to use all year round! I wanted it in beige or rose beige but they didn't have it so I went for the black one, but I wish they'd have had it in those colours!
  5. Lovely! I think beige works really well with grey, black, brown and definitely year round
  6. I love beige! Such a beautiful neutral.
  7. beautifuuuul
  8. I just got this too. I think it's perfect for any and all seasons. A good neutral for sure! Can't wait to wear it with my beige suede boots.
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