beige-rose ostrich!!

  1. :wtf: look what i found beige rosé OSTRICH (similar to the one on mikas blog) this is soooo rare and only for VVVIP clients as officially beige rose is ONLY a croc colour wah i am really wondering how mighty got that one.

    but i have to admit i do not like beige rose ostrich it really looks like a naked chicken and lacks the chameleon effect of croc
    beige-rose sostrichrose.jpg d30broses.jpg d30broseh.jpg
  2. ^I'm with you , L, it looks fab in croc.....kinda skin-like in ostrich.......
  3. Lilach, you totally crack me up! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    You are SO right!
  4. I have to agree with you all, but it isn't the ugliest bag I have seen out there either.

    Thank you for sharing Lilach.
  5. Naked Chicken - :roflmfao::roflmfao: Too funny!
  6. I agee, it's a little too "natural".
  7. that kinda looks like a skin disease, love the color on croc though
  8. That's giving me goose bumps! hahaha!
  9. I guess I'm the only one that likes it.:shrugs:
  10. You are not alone, HG. I like it too.:P
  11. Um, not for me. It needs the shine of glazed croc, IMO.
    Gosh, I want to meet the lady who procured this for MK!!
  12. LMAO at naked chicken.
  13. This is too funny. When I first saw the picture, I was thinking "Ooooh another pink in ostrich~~~:nuts: " and then I read Lilach's description of naked chicken and it's never the same again. Now I can't help thinking naked chicken whenever I look at it.:lol:

    I want Rose Dragee in ostrich:love:
  14. Yeh... after reading 'naked chicken' for this bag, that bag NEVER look the same. B/c it REALLY looks like naked chicken I backed last night for dinner!
  15. ^^ Ditto! All i see is a naked chicken now! But this color is just amazing in croc!