Beige-Rose Betty & Questions......

  1. So I am totally psyched -- I never knew this color existed and I managed to get her at 60% off!

    Since this one is such a light color and I know the issues surrounding Betty's and color transfer, I have a couple of questions if anyone can help...

    1. If you treat Betty with Applegard Rain & Stain, will that repel any type of color transfer?

    2. Can color transfer happen even after you have washed your jeans (or other dark clothing)?

  2. where did you score the betty was it large or medium -- and does it fit on your shoulder , I want one. And, is the black patent a different size all together?
  3. I don't think I have ever seen this color. It sounds very pretty!

    I have a green Betty and have color transfer problems with jeans and dark pants that have been washed. The helpful ladies on this board recommended CPR leather cleaner and it works pretty well. I try to wear my bag on my shoulder with a light color top because it so prone to color transfer.

    I love my bag so it is worth the trouble.

  4. Hey! Congrats Mammab!

    In my experience (1) no and (2) yes. I treated my chocolate Betty with AG and experienced denim transfer after (many times washed 7 jeans). That said, the "leather expert" indicated it was easier to "fix" the leather because I had treated it in the first place. Maybe it is just the 7s that transfer color to Chloe so easily??? (Had the same experience with a red silverado and a craie paddy hobo...)

    I had some demin transfer on my lime Ramona as this case, I "fixed" it myself...took a babywipe to Miss scary, at first she turned very dark (ugh!) hour later she dried and the denim transfer was gone...
  5. I got it from Kirna Zabete, I swear, that boutique always has the hard to find goodies :smile: It should be here in a few days so I will definitely take pictures but for now, I'll attach the one they sent me of it. It's really cute :smile:

    Moodindigo -- I think I'll take your advice when wearing this bag -- wear lighter colors and buy the CPR stuff :yes:. Which color green do you have? Do you have the pistachio color? I regret not getting that one when I had the chance:sad:, but back then the Betty's werent really my thing, funny how these bags can grow on you (I think my desire started with that green Betty!).

    Hi SoCal !!! :yahoo:You know, I remember your issue with the color transfer but I didn't know you had to have the entire bag redyed. What color bag was it?? I'm getting a black large one tomorrow, so I am assuming I won't have to worry about color transfer with her -- and good to know about the 7's. I don't own a pair, but have plenty of True Religions and AG's -- anyone out there have experience with color transfer from those brands? I'm glad you saved your lime Ramona, now that is to die for color. I love that color !! By the way, I thought of you the other day at Nordies, they had received a TON of Ramonas. I was able to touch the leather for the first time and wow, is that leather ever soooooo soft! Now I know what you meant about the leather.

    Anyhow, I think I"ll stick to wearing my black betty when I wear jeans and my other betty with lighter clothing.

    What kind of leather is on the Betty anyways? Is it a washed calf? Guessing here.....

    Thanks you guys!!!
  6. Beautiful color. Congrats, and what a great price, too!
  7. Mammab, The Betty is a very fun bag! I had the chocolate brown color. I had the lower back third of the bag re-dyed where the color transfer was most little sister is now enjoying chocolate Betty...she loves it!
  8. Wow :wtf: it was brown and the color transfer was visible. Wow. This is good to know, I'm going to have to be extra, extra careful.

    Your sister is lucky!!! And you are a sweetheart for gifting your bag to her. So nice!!
  9. ^ I am also lucky to have a great relationship with my sister! Enjoy your bag!
  11. Wow you really lucked out. beautiful colour and 60% off. There is no way you could have turned that baby down.

    Do you think in the States there was a lot of Bettys left over? its just odd that over here in the UK, we have not really had much of a discount at all on the Betty in any colour?

    Great buy, congrats :biggrin:
  12. Chloe Babe

    Bettys were 60% off in HN's here in Edinburgh.....

    Sorry I would have mentioned earlier but didn't know you were into them.... Sale ended yesterday but there was still about 4 left!!!

    Feeling bad now.....
  13. don't feel bad babe, the last thing I need is to start a betty habit too :biggrin: ;)

    I am so glad you did not tell me. I think I might have been a bit like the spy with them, and worried about not being tall enough to pull it off, or atleast thats what I like to tell myself.

    Hmmm, I think I should move to Scotland ;)