Beige, Red, Grey Classics


Aug 6, 2008
I need a m/l or jumbo classic flap in
1. beige claire caviar
2. red caviar
3. grey caviar
All with GHW...
Anyone seen these bags or know where I can buy one? Please help!


Mar 17, 2008
You should be able to locate the beige & gray. Try the Chanel 1-800 # or dept stores. The single flap might be difficult to track down, but there should be new shipments for the double flap. Nordstrom has the beige double flap & Hirsh has the beige double flap for pre-order (they have a few single flap with SH). Call to pre-order or put your name on the waiting list. They'll ship it when it arrives.

To my knowledge, there isn't a red with GH for the current/upcoming season (only red with SH). Most of the ladies on here have their eye out for it too. Your best bet for the red with GH would be through consignment or online resources that still have bags from past seasons. Be sure to have it authenticated here before you purchase.