Beige Quilted IPOD Case at NM Outlet

  1. in Milpitas (CA) for $128. Looks like it's from the Cambon line. They've got a few and have had them there for awhile--I'm guessing they will go on mark down sometime soon!
  2. ^It's the smaller version, beige on beige. I'm almost positive they will get marked down, it's been a couple months! You can find them in women's belts!
  3. i need a bigger one to fit iphone :sad: thanks lots though, mscupcake! seeing you live in sf, miette cupcakes are the bestttttt :tup::tup::heart: their macarons are :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. has someone already checked if you can really fit and iphone inside the big chanel ipod case???
    also is the new ipod wih touchscreen the same size as the iphone????
  5. i saw it MONTHS MONTHS ago
  6. is this for the iPod regular or nano?
  7. I don't think Chanel made any for the nano :sad:
    I'm looking for one too
  8. Do you know if they'll ship if I call? I am not close enough to drive, but I've been looking for an iPod case for the classic iPod and I want that one!
  9. Wow, I never see any Chanels in the NM Outlet in the Great Mall, lucky you. Hum...this post makes me want to make a run there tomorrow.:rolleyes: I am only 15 mins
  10. ^I've stumbled across the Patchwork hobo and a Shearling flap before--they were kept behind the jewelry counter :smile:
  11. Ah, thanks for the tip!:flowers:
  12. im pretty sure it doesnt fit the iphone, i saw a beige case at the NM outlet in Jersey and its for the mini ipod it didnt fit my iphone =(