Beige PST in silver hardware???

  1. Hi guys! Has anybody seen a beige PST in silver hardware? Would it even look good in silver hardware? Just curious...I tried looking for pics in the reference thread, but, couldn't find one. TIA!
  2. I haven't seen one lately, but I went to the trunk show today and Saks is getting the GST in beige w/ silver (I ordered it), so they may be getting the PST also. I think most peolple here prefer the beige with gold h/w, but I'm strictly a silver girl and I like the way it looks. If you don't have a Saks SA, mine's name is Delyse and she's very sweet and helpful. If you call her tomorrow she can put you on the waitlist (if they ordered it, of course). Her number is 248-808-0712.
    Good luck!
  3. I saw a darker beige with silver hardware that I believe came out for cruise, it was at the Hawaii boutique. I really like the look of it, it's not very dark, just a shade or two darker than the regular beige.
  4. Thanks Aprilvalentine...I'd like to see a pic when you get yours...I have a PST in black and gold, but I wear a lot of silver/white gold jewelry, so I figured I might like to match them with the bag's hardware.

    LOLA, thanks for your input too...I wonder if I can find a picture of that beige that you saw...

    Thanks again! Love you guys!