Beige poudre, yay or nay?

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  1. Today I impulse shopped and got my hands on a vernis beige poudre key pouch but I'm not sure if I should keep it or exchange for something else instead :sad: scared that it might get colour transfer too easily, I mean it is a light colour after all.. What do you guys think? The colour is gorgeous!
  2. I think it's pretty but if you're worry then I would exchange for something else.
  3. Keep !
  4. I think the color is just stunning! Is it part of the permanent line?
  5. Keep it!
  6. Keep!:loveeyes:
  7. Keep it :smile: such a lovely color.
  8. Definitely keep it. The colour is amazing :smile:
  9. Return! That colour and risk of transfer on an accessory means that it will get darker over time... get something in amarante or pomme!
  10. Can you just leave it in the dust bag in your handbag? I have a white MC key pouch that I leave in the dust bag when not in use to prevent rub off or chipping. Extra step but worth it to me.
  11. I like poudre and think you'll be fine
  12. Keep it!
  13. Keep! I have a poudre Alma BB and she is lvoe!!
    Pourdre is my all time favorite vernis color, I love beige/neutrals!
  14. It's a beautiful color!
  15. It's such a beautiful color