Beige poudre vernis it doomed to get color transfer?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I was out shopping yesterday and fell in love with the new beige poudre vernis belt. I nearly got it and then started second guessing myself - I'm sure it will be fine over sweaters etc, but if I wear it with jeans is it destined to get color transfer since it is a light-colored vernis? I can't justify getting a belt that I can't wear with my pants lol! All of my jeans are well-worn (not brand new), in case that makes a difference...

    Any thoughts, advice etc? Is there anything I can do to prevent color transfer (other than not wearing it with brand new or wet jeans?)
    thanks in advance!
  2. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't buy it!

    I think that it would rub against jeans, and dark coloured sweaters and get colour transfer. There is no way to prevent colour transfer from happening, other than only wearing it with white...

    I know its pretty, but I am sure there are leather belts which would require less maintenance...
  3. Totally agree, look at other options:smile:
  4. Thanks for the advice needlv and Shopatvuitton...sniff :sad:
    I guess I'll save my money for January's rainbow of vernis colors...