Beige or darker (carmelly) beige?

  1. Hi. Does anyone have any comparsion pictures of what an SA has described to me as beige vs carmelly beige? These are the 2 colors that she had available that were closest to the off-white in a classic medium lambskin flap with gold hardware that I really wanted.

  2. I think it's light beige or beige...

    Maybe u can try to search for luccibag's thread....she posted 3 of her lovely caviar classic flap.. in white/light beige/beige...
  3. Here is a light beige jumbo, a winter white east west, and a very white Jumbo. You can see the differences in the pic.

  4. I think perhaps the caramelly beige you're talking about might be camel? It's darker and has more yellowy undertones (IMO) than the pics Luccibag has kindly posted up.

    I saw it and played around with it IRL tonight at Chanel and I'm in love! I always thought a black classic flap would be my first.. but after tonight.. I think I'm going to have to save up enough until I can get both on the same day! Just way too hard to choose just one!
  5. Oh, Thanks so much! It is definitely the snow white that I am in search of. Especially if you say that that is the light beige WOW. Now it really makes me wonder what the carmelly beige looks like.

    Thanks, I am so glad I went with my instinct that it was not the one and now it is confirmed. Chanel forum is the best!
  6. I have the caramelly beige you're talking about. It's so lovely. I have the med caviar with gold hardware. It is caramelly cream colored, w/ yellow undertones. Perfect for spring. I love it.
  7. i have seen the yellowy beige, the light beige (more like an ivory) and an apricoty caramelly beige which is just divine. it is like a beige with coral undertones. divine.
  8. ^^ The apricoty caramelly beige was only available in lambskin. Beige colors often look slightly darker on caviar than lambskin, except Luccibag's ivory caviar, which looks closer to white than beige
  9. Thanks for the indepth description. I can now see it in my mind.
  10. Could this be the one as Jadecee mentioned? Yellow undertone?
    I got this one but returned it to get the Caviar.. The beige definitely looks lighter on lambskin than on caviar. :smile:
  11. ^^ Gorgeous Ibiza. I cannot bear to see that pretty lambskin beige get all banged up with wear. Good choice by going with the caviar. ;)