beige or black jacquard?

  1. I can't decide if I should get the bag I like in beige or black, as I have clothes that would compliment both colors in equal amounts...

    advise me!
  2. I like beige
  3. Beige gets my vote .... it's classic Gucci
  4. I think it depends on what style of bag you're looking at. Some look better in the beige and some in the black.

    In general though - I'd vote beige too!
  5. medium jackie -- in beige (with the red and green stripe), or black?
  6. i like black, I think it's more subtle and looks less busy
  7. I think I prefer this bag in black.
  8. I like black, beige is too loud for me, and probably easier to get dirty.
  9. The jackie is a sophisticated style, so it looks better in black IMO...

    Good luck with your decision!!! It's a gorgeous bag either way!
  10. I like black too!
  11. I prefer black
  12. Beige for me!
  13. beige!
  14. I vote black
  15. beige stands out more.