Beige or Black Classic Flap?

  1. Hi... I think I am going to purchase my first classic flap ( I have other chanel bags ).....seems like this is a necessarry basic bag that everygirl "must" have :P .....could you please help me choose the color? should i get BEIGE or BLACK and what's the color of the hardware too?
    Thanks so much....appreciate all your opinion!!
  2. I'd vote for black! Seems the easiest to use. Nothing like a little black Chanel bag! You can get silver or gold hardware. Caviar or lambskin.
  3. I also vote for black!
  4. I vote for black caviar w/ silver!
  5. Black!
  6. I vote for the light beige with silver hardware. It goes great with brown or black, and u can dress it up or down. :yes: For me, I wear a lot more brown tones....
  7. Black!
  8. black, its classic!
  9. Definitely BLACK!! :yes:
  10. I'm going to vote for beige, as I've really been enjoying brown shades more than blacks over the past few years.
  11. Thanks everyone!! Seems like black the fav?
  12. BLACK!!!!! Its that perfect black bag.....
  13. Oh and get it with silver hardwares. I love that black/silver combos. They make me drool! :biggrin:
  14. Eep, beige!! Can't wait to see it whatever it is!!
  15. I think it depends on what you'll be using it for, what colors you tend to wear, and your own personality.

    A black classic flap seems "dressier" and more evening-like, though I definitely carry mine during the day. I do tend to be more dressed up when I carry it, but many ladies here carry a black classic flap with casual clothes such as jeans - in other words, it can be appropriate for any occasion, depending on your own style and personality.

    (Obviously I prefer black. ;))