BEIGE or BLACK? Chanel Mini Rectangular

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BEIGE or BLACK? Chanel Mini Rectangular

Poll closed Dec 13, 2018.
  1. Beige

    7 vote(s)
  2. Black

    13 vote(s)
  1. I have my heart set to get a pre-loved Chanel rectangular mini. Just the mini size , not medium, because I need a small bag when I don’t carry my LV Neverfull. The thing is, I just cannot choose between beige or black! I want it in lambskin too btw.
    Yea I know black is classic, it doesn’t go out of style and goes with everything.....
    But beige looks sooo pretty tooo!!!
    One day I make up my mind and choose the black because it’s just so Chanel. The next morning I look at the pictures again and I think ‘actually beige, beige is cute.’ This has been going on for nearly a week ‍‍

    (((I don’t factor in resale value because I will never sell it, once I buy a bag it’s mine until it’s no longer usable. And I don’t really worry about color transfer either)))

    Which would you choose?
  2. Personally, I would choose the black, because light color lambskin bags are prone to color transfer. If you’re not worried about the color transfer and think that you would like the beige more, then get the beige. If you plan on using the bag frequently then consider the caviar leather, especially for a lighter color like the beige.
  3. I would buy the black as it is timeless and classic especially with the gold tone hardware. If you are paying close to retail, I would just buy new in the store and wait for the next collection (Spring 2019).
  4. black
  5. I like the black. The beige is too warm tone for my taste.
  6. I wear more black bags than beige ones so I would go with the black first. Look at the bags you have that this one will ‘replace’: are they black or beige? There are to ways to look at this. If you wear black mini bags a lot, then get another another one. The other is, if you already have other nice black ones, but need a beige one, go for the beige.
  7. Black as my mini is black!
  8. Black because color transfer is real and sucks on such an $$ purchase! Unless you are very careful.....
  9. Black!
  10. If u want lambskin than black.. I will not worry about color transfer... both are classic.. black is also great for evenings.. and different color from ur Neverful..:heart:
  11. Is there any way you can buy one, and if you still love it buy another one? :angel:

    If not I would get the black because black and gold is so Chanel. I'd probably worry about colour transfer with biege lambskin.
    Btw all my Chanel bags are black. I know what I like!

    Good luck deciding!
  12. Early Congrats on whichever you choose! They are both FABULOUS :love:& it’s seriously hard to go wrong, especially considering you are not afraid of color transfer. I’m a die-hard beige/neutral’s just so elegant & chic (so is the black obviously) I own several beige bags (chanel & other designers)& have yet to have transfer issues (but I am careful). If I were you I’d likely base it on which color will I wear more based on my wardrobe. I’m not voting in the poll because I love both equally; just wanted to give some love to the beige mini! Best of luck:hbeat::flowers:
  13. Where do you live? If in warm, sunny places, I prefer beige.

    Visually speaking, dark colored bags tend to look smaller, and light colored bags bigger. So if you pick mini in a black, then that bag will look super small.
  14. Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I would go with Beige for sure, it looks warm beige to me. Love :heart::hbeat: