Beige or black BV sleeper bag....

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  1. Which one is the more current color?
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I have bought a few bags within the last couple of months and the sleepers were all beige with chocolate brown writing of the Bottega name on them. Hope this helps.
  3. hi b. jara, all my sleeper bags are beige with dark brown "bottega veneta" lettering.
  4. They changed the dust bags a while back, but I have many bags with the chocolate brown dust bags.
  5. Beige is current, but on some items that come from the BV outlet, the bags are the dark brown. It wasn't that long ago that BV switched.
  6. I bought a BV bag in 2004 and the sleeper bag was dark brown and the recent ones that I bought from BV came with beige sleeper bags.
  7. Beige is the most current colour, with the dark brown ones as the previously used colour.
  8. This is odd to me....any one have an idea why Saks of NY has sent me twice ( a med. and a large Veneta) on two brand new bags with black bags? :confused1:

    I can't imagine these bags have been hanging around since 2004? :tdown: My brown (didn't keep) and black Veneta that I got from them back in April 2007 both came with beige bags... :s
  9. Black??? Or dark brown? I would call and ask about it, but that's just me.
  10. It probably is dark brown....I didn't look too closely. I'll double check. ;)
  11. I know that the BV boutiques still have BOTH dark brown (older, pre 2007) and beige (newer) dust bags. Sometimes, they ask me what color bag I want. :shrugs: Well, to me, they are both the same.