Beige Medallions still available????

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  1. Yes? No? Where? :smile:
  2. someone returned the beige pst that was 40% off let me know if you want the SA info
  3. NM has the medallion in beige but full price, not sale. If interested call my SA
    Esther 508-620-5700
  4. Thanks Sandypoo!!!
  5. James has a beige medallion avail (sand color (not "new beige"), w/ gold HW) $2125

    tell him lisa sent you
  6. My SA Christine Tin at Neiman in Natick MA also has one: Please tell her Jenny referred you. thanks.
  7. The one Christine has is the old Chanel beige. Her contact info: 508-6205700,ext 2180. Cell is 508-6313234.