Beige Maxi

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  1. If anyone finds out Which stores are getting the Beige Maxi, could you let me know..........Would love one.....:heart:H
  2. Ooo. What hardware does it have? This sounds like something I would be interested in!
  3. Has anyone seen the dark beige Maxi, official color name "Bronze".....
    Hear it is wonderful, but have not seen it........anyone?:heart:H
  4. #4 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    H, saw the beige at the trunk show yesterday, the color is beautiful but it looked dirty from being handeled from the trunk shows. Afraid it may look that way after a few usage because of the lambskin.
  5. Just got an email from Lisa Hamlin at NM that they got the beige maxi in, will PM you her contact info
  6. ^^ My bad, it's actually white, not beige