Beige M/L Lambskin with GHW 2014 - Series 18...?

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  1. I bought a Medium/Large Beige classic flap in lambskin with GHW from a Chanel Boutique yesterday!
    I expected the serial number to start with 19 (latest) but it's 18 instead.

    I asked the SA and she said the serial number depends on the "house" the bag was made in and its not representative of what year it was made.
    My theory is that because because the Beige + Lambskin combo is not as popular and this is possibly last year's stock.

    Either way, I love my new baby! I just want to know why it is series 18 and not 19 like another classic bag which I bought in January.

    Please enlighten me ^^

    Thank you!
  2. The serial numbers are actually a way for Chanel to track inventory. Plain and simple, that's why they were begun when production ramped up in the 80s. You will have different products shipping and selling at different times, so whereas say, the "American Jumbo" (thank you again, KARL!) in black may sell out and have later numbers (those 19...), you may find bags like the reissues or bags in beige that are brand new arriving from Paris with numbers beginning with 18...or even 16... or 15.... There are also times when a bag for some reason gets "lost" whether in Paris or the stock room of a store here in the US. My first bag I bought was from a very well traveled store and in a popular size but was "dated" about 2 years before the date it was sold.

    Just know that the inventory system lets them keep track of things (so less "slippage" out the back door) and enjoy your lovely bag! :smile:

  3. Yes it does have to do with the year of production but it's true it has also to do with the popularity and quantities in production as well. As you said Beige Clair lambskin might not be as popular as the caviar one so production slows down a bit and therefore you get one between 6 months and a year apart. It also works the other way around they can come a little ahead depending on production maybe a 19XXX in November/December last year:smile: hth congrats in getting a beautiful bag!
  4. If a Black Maxi GHW has a serial number that starts with 158..., what does it mean for the date it was made and put out for sale?