Beige lambskin - difficult to maintain?

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  1. I'm buying a lambskin Chanel 3, and LOVED the beige color. However, my SA told me it is difficult to keep clean, especially if I'm using it as an everyday bag. She said the constant touching + oils from my skin makes the bag susceptible to quicker wear & tear (and looking dirty). Thoughts? Anyone own a beige lambskin and wish they purchased a different (Darker) color?

  2. Definitely wears quicker than black
    I would never use beige as an every day because of that
    BUT in saying that.. i purchased a vintage beige flap from 1990 ( 20yrs old)
    and it pretty much had no signs of wear with no darkening at all
    I think it all comes down to how you use it
    If you use beige as an every day bag it will simply show alot more wear than black
    but if you keep it for those special occassions it can last forever!
    that is my personal experience with beige, hope it helps leatherobsessed and good luck with your new 3!
  3. Thank you sooo much for your input!!! I'll post pics tomorrow with the ultimate decision.
  4. If its going to be an everyday bag then I think you may want to think of getting it in black, I have a beige lambskin, it was love at first sight, I bought it in Dec'08 and have only worn it once.....yes once!!! Its such a delicate leather and such a light color that it scares the heck out of me! But if you love it and have your heart set on it then you should get it and not be such a chicken like me!
  5. would it be easier if the bag is in cavair instead?
    was thinking of buying a beige caviar jumbo myself..
  6. I think it would be easier if it was in cavier. However I already own a flap in black caviar. That's why I am leaning towards lambskin.
  7. I personally dont like beige caviar, so many ppl love it, but for some reason i just cant buy it... beige is the most beautiful in lambskin. black is beautiful in either ofcourse lol
    if you really love the beige lamb get it, but maybe dont use it ALL the time!