Beige lambskin clutch

  1. help please! i found a beige lambskin clutch -should i hold out for a black one if they get any more, or try this color. it is a beige, not off white. Will the lambskin hold up like the cavier???????
    i'm sorry , i'm new at chanel.I always bought LV before
  2. I want that same black Caviar clutch that you do, and I'm going to hold out until they come back in. The Lambskin is more delicate, and then you'd have to watch for dirt and stains on the light color that you wouldn't have to worry about with the black.
  3. thanks Tammy-i think thats what i'll do-if i find one i'll pm you.
  4. The black caviar clutch is still available through NM. I saw it in one of their recent books. Still 895.00. Is that the one you are looking for? I almost bought's gorgeous.
  5. Unfortunately, I called NM the other day and they're all sold out at NM nationwide. The Caviar clutch is coming back to stores and boutiques soon, though, I was told. I'm definitely going to get one.
  6. Depending on how frequent you are going to use the clutch. If you are going to be using ALL THE TIME, get the clutch in caviar. If not, then Clutch in Lambskin beige would be nice.