beige inclusion bracelet pm - eluxury

  1. E-luxury has the beige PM inclusion bracelet for $255! It's under LV section, Women, scarves & accessories, fancy jewelery, page 2. Grab it while you can!
  2. if you look, the color available is framboise
  3. I think they only have the beige pictured, but what they have in stock is the framboise- it says so on the right side of the page.
  4. :yes: :yes: bah...
  5. Sorry, I didn't take French in high school.... Framboise is berry as in pink, right? Well... e-lux should show the Framboise bracelet instead of the beige but the point is that they are selling an inclusion bracelet for anyone interested. :smile:
  6. Yeah, framboise is berry. Elux has done this on a few other occasions too- either showing different colored items or badly photoshopped items :s
  7. Framboise is actually raspberry :smile:
  8. they should never show an item pictured, that is not available. They should just show what is available, lazy if you ask me! lol
  9. it doesn't seem to come around that often on elux.