Beige Inclusion Bracelet GM is Back!!!

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  1. She's back (well replaced) and she's perfect! :yahoo:
    Man, I got to tell you, I was surprised that the SA agreed to take it back eventhough it's an Elux purchase, but I am even more impressed at how quickly everything took place! :wtf:

    I FedExed the bracelet to Bal Harbour on Monday, it arrived on Tuesday, I called the SA Melissa to make sure she received it (and it was not just sitting in someone's office). She said she received it and saw nothing wrong with the bangle. I told her to give me her email address and I'll send her the pics maybe then she'll know what to look for. However she was not argumentative at all, instead she said no need, I have the newest bestest looking bracelet here for you and will FedEx it back to you (my Miami forwarding address) today (which was the same day she received mine). I thanked her and asked her about the PM and whether they had any (hehehe...kill two birds in one shot), she said they were out of the PM and then when she checked the system she said there were none in the US. Oh well...I'll catch the white ones then.

    Anyways, the package arrived at the cargo facility the next day, Wed! I went today to the local cargo facility to pick it as there are no flights on Thurs (had it arrived in Miami on Tuesday I would have gotten it the next day). So all of this took just 5 days! From the Caribbean, to Miami, and then back to the Caribbean :nuts:
    Now THAT's service! :graucho:

    I opened it once again in my car and even pulled over to make sure there was no tarnished LV. And there are none! It is in perfect condition. This one even have less air bubbles than the other one! It is great. :yahoo:
    I received a exchange receipt (as they kept the Elux receipt) and they also kept the little made in France tag. I guess they must have forgotten to put it back. Not that I care really.

    Anyways, without further it is!


    DSC02368.jpg DSC02378.jpg DSC02370.jpg
  2. Jojo, I am sssoooo happy for you!!!! It's a beauty!!!!
  3. OOoooooo!!! It's soooo pretty!!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. The bracelet is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!!
  5. Sooo pretty JoJo!
  6. ooooh very pretty!!
  7. I'd love to have one...but it's a bit too big for my cuff..:crybaby: :crybaby: I had tried so many times actually EVERYTIME when i visit LV store in Thailand...It's really really pretty :jammin:
  8. Woo hoo! So glad you were able to get a perfect one!
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I spoke to an SA à Paris one time, and she told me that they will be consolidating North America into one global region, e.g.

    * USA
    * Canada
    * Carribbean
    * Hawaii

    So if something like a defect happens, or you find an item in another boutique that has it, and that's in that zone, you can get it. Pricing - this i do not know, b/c it would be cool to pay Canadian prices for a U.S. purchase! :smile:
  10. woohoo! glad that everything worked out!
  11. Thank you ladies! I am so glad this got rectified. While it was "no big deal" I was definitely not comfortable with it. I don't sell my stuff but what if I had to sell this? Then the buyer would think I was to blame for the tarnish KWIM?

    Poufiasse, I never heard anythign about that, however I guess for it to work LV would have to change it's pricing strategy.
    There's no LV on this island, however the nearest LV is in St. Barths and there's no taxes (as most of these islands here). They claim to have Paris prices without the taxes, however I am not sure if that's true. I bought my Saleya MM there and paid about $5-$10 bucks less than the price on Elux. The Euro had just gone up a couple of days before I went though :sad:

    I would have gotten the Inclusion Bracelet in St. Barths but they were out (so was San nearest LV). They wouldn't ship to me (although we're right next door), but it's just a 30 mins boat trip away so i don't mind.
  12. So glad you got it exchanged, it's gorgeous
  13. OMG JoJo! I think if I lived down there, I would just be excited to simply BE there! lol

    Yeah, their pricing strategy would have to change, but I think "La Vendeuse" at the Paris store on Avenue Montaigne explained that the globalization of LV into the phenomenon that it is today has made consolidation that much more important so that everyone can get an equal level of service ( I think she said that better in French tho! ) :roflmfao:

    I love the bracelet too - GORGEOUS! :yahoo:

  14. Well that would be a great concept, b/c I've read of people who tried to do returns to the store from Elux and they refuse. Or even from one store to another. Personally I don't see what's the big deal; it's suppose to be the same bag all over and supposedly the same price.

    I am really thinking. I am going to LA in Nov and want to get the Passy. I know I would be paying over 100 bucks in taxes alone! If I get it in St. Barths I pay no! the things I do for my SA...LOL.
  15. LoL :roflmfao:

    I kinda wanted the Passy, but only because my school was actually on rue de Passy à Paris. It's in the 16th in the chic, upscale neighborhood of Paris. :love: There was an awesome shopping centre just next door that I loved, right by my Crédit Lyonnais banque. They must've had to coolest stuff in there that wouldn't come out until months later in the USA.

    I would wait b/c if you can get deal, that's worth it, although the feeling of just getting it is also awesome! :yahoo: