Beige Inclusion Bracelet GM at Bloomies!

  1. I was at Bloomingdale's LV counter today at South Coast Plaza and I saw a BEIGE GM Inclusion bracelet!!!! It's in the display case below the sunglasses wall display and was stacked along with a Pomme GM Inclusion bracelet. I was surprised to see it! The Beige GM should be $350 USD. (That's the price on eluxury for the Pomme GM.)

    So, if anyone is looking, contact Bloomies LV at SCP! (714) 824-4705.
  2. Are you the best or what??!!!! I just ordered that!!! yay.I have been looking for it.
  3. congrats!! wow, all of these old inclusions popping up.
  4. Now if a rose would pop up!!!! I dont care to find black because of amerante.
  5. ^^Same here, I'd love to find a yellow ring, rose pink ring and PM bangle and a black ring.
  6. I guess I must be the best!!! LOL!!! Glad you got it! Was that bracelet the last one or did Bloomies SCP have any others (I didn't ask...).
  7. It was the last one, a display peice, I didnt care at all. the guy said it was in great condition. I have to watch it with these inclusion peices, the prices are adding up and I could be gettin a bag. oh my.............I'm to addited to LV and Chanel accesories.
    I need help
  8. lucky you. I would have bought it if i saw this earleir. LOL ;)
  9. Wow, you are very lucky :biggrin:. Congrats!
    I had a dream last night that I acquired the Yellow PM at the boutique, but sadly it was only a dream :crybaby:
  10. I think we all need help!!! LOL! :p That's why we're on tPF!
  11. Congrats the first colors are lovely :heart:
  12. I was a tad disappointed when I saw this post because I don't live in the US! I would've ordered it since I caught the post right after it was posted, but congrats sjunky!!!