Beige heloise tote

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  1. Hey girls i need your investigative help, i have finally swayed my mum over into chloe, she spotted a heloise at selfridges that the sa called beige, beige and pink coloured. She wants the tote not the regular heloise but doesn't want to pay £940 for it, she coming up to 50 now and i thought i would surprise her if i can get one for a good deal, any ideas??
  2. Show me a pic, Von... cause I'm CLUELESS. I'll help ya look, but ya have to show me what I am looking FOR!
  3. I know that seller, A tpfer, she is great. That's a nice bag too. I think the color is Ecru. Good luck finding the perfect gift for your mother. How sweet of you.
  4. Thanks for helping me guys, the bag is the right shape but the colour she wants is pinky, very pale, i can't find a pic, tempted to take a sneaky one in selfridges if i can without getting thrown out lol
  5. Heloise is a great bag! Sorry I can't be any help with colours, but I hope you manage to find the bag your mum wants - it would make a really great gift! :heart:
  6. They've got a Heloise tote on NAP at the moment which is a sort of light pinky-brown colour described as 'Chestnut'. You might want to check that one out ...
  7. thanks!!!!