Beige GST

  1. So, I bought a beige GST a few months ago in Saks in NYC. Every time I take it out it gets filthy on the edges and backside. Does anyone have this problem? With their beige GSTs getting dirty rather easily? Also, any care tips for the bag? Thank you.
  2. I have a white caviar jumbo. If I notice any dirt, even a tiny bit of dirt on a stitch, I immediately clean it when I get home. I use Apple Guard leather cleaner, conditioner, and water/stain repellent spray. I recommend all three products. :yes: I bought mine from
  3. Thanks. I actually have the Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer (my SA recommeded it), but I haven't used it yet as I am kind of nervous to.
  4. My only concern is the thread retaining dirt. The leather seems to clean right up, but how about where the stitching is? Does it get darker when you clean it?
  5. i haven't tried yet. i just love the bag but am so paranoid now!
  6. I've heard alot of good things about gals using baby wipes and I've always wondered if the stitching would get effected.