Beige flap with silver or hardware? please weigh in! :)

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Silver or gold hw?

  1. Silver

  2. Gold

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  1. I've decided to buy a beige flap for summer and cannot decide gold or silver! they both looking stunning and I'm torn!

    This is the first time I've considered choosing gold since I wear and always prefer silver/white gold. Because of this, I opted for silver with all my Chanel bags.
    Although...even though all 3 of my chanel bags are silver, the rest of my bags are Louis and YSL and they all have gold hw. So I definitely have both in my collection, there's no issue with that.

    Also in my Chanel collection (I'll insert a pic) I have a gst, a jumbo, and a small so I was leaning towards the beige in medium large, but a part of me wonders if I should go for another jumbo? Which size do you prefer in the summer?

    Would love your input! :biggrin::graucho:

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  2. I usually tend to lean towards gold when matched with beige but lately I feel silver looks fresher & newer! Especially for summer it seems lighter looking!
  3. Gold
  4. I'm totally like you, all my Chanel bags have silver hardware... I'm a sucker for silver hardware, so my vote is clear!!! I have a medium classic flap in beige clair with shw and it's such a stunning combo, I love it!!!

    It looks with gold equally pretty, but something about silver makes my heart skip a beat!!!!

    Did you see the beige classic flap with both hardwares in real life already? You should go in the end which spontaneously catches your eye more!!!
  5. Exactly how I feel about silver :smile:
    What a great idea, that's definitely the best thing to do thank you!!
    Do you happen to have pictures or mod shots of yours that you could post or link me to?? Would LOVE to see your beautiful flap in action! :loveeyes:

    You are right, since it's a summer bag that is such an amazing point, thank you! :smile:
  6. I personally like the gold better with the beige than the silver.
  7. IMO gold looks way better!
  8. Gold is elegant and classic and silver is fresh and youthful. Personally I like the gold better as it accentuates the beige more (although the silver is nice too).

    Since you already have a jumbo why not get the m/L? It would look so chic for dinners out in the summer. :smile:
  9. I haven't done mod shots but I will do and post it here, if it's okay ;)
  10. I live ghw with beige clair! A gorgeous combination.
  11. Gold!
  12. gold looks much better with beige
  13. I would choose silver! I LOVE the contrast and i think it gives the classic flap a little edge (if that makes sense lol).
  14. Gold
  15. I like the gold colour with beige (even though I wear silver/platinum jewellery). I think it warms up the colour of the leather...