Beige flap or more exciting color?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Valentine's Day is coming up and my BF has asked me what I want (besides a donation to the ASPCA in my cat's name so he can have a brick in the building with his name on it, lol)...

    My dream bag is a pink classic flap, but I already have had two pink Chanels. I just sold one of them and the other I never really use. So I don't know how much use I would get out of a pink flap...

    I already have a black lambskin classic flap. What do you gals think about adding a beige classic flap to my collection? I know I'd get a lot of wear out of it but for some reason I'm just drawn to the red ones, pink ones, etc...

    What do you ladies think? Go with the practical or the exciting? I'd love to hear if you own a beige classic flap and if you like it or not.
  2. I tend to be like you: drawn to "fun" colors but end up with more practical colors. I usually go by what I think matches more of my wardrobe b/c no matter how beautiful the bag, I know myself well enough to know that I likely won't carry it much if it doesn't go with what I already own.
  3. I was gonna say "red" before reading your whole post so that's what I definitely suggest:yes: and since it will be a Valentine's gift what more perfect than a red!;)
    (btw I love pink too and I think classic flaps in lambskin are fabulous in these colours:love:)
  4. Depends on your wardrobe colors, first and foremost. What first comes to mind are white, beige, red because they can be paired with so much. If the color doesn't work with what is in your wardrobe, I agree it's going to do a lot of shelf sitting and most likely end up being sold.
  5. I'm a practical mother, lawyer,etc. lol, i'd go for beige!
  6. I'd go for beige too. Its the one color that Im missing. It would be a great earth tone and would be used pretty easily.
  7. it is def. a practical bag but the red is just so beautiful.
  8. Beige is practical but I don't really like that colour personally. I would go for something like Blush if you can find it.
  9. Beige is so bland. I have a light pink flap in lambskin and I love it so much but since you mentioned you already had a pink bag and you don’t use it I would recommend red.
  10. I say red before beige.
  11. I don't like beige and I don't like classic. So I guess I will definitely go for something else.

    But, beige classic in silver hardware is gorgeous (just because I don't like it does not mean that it's not pretty!!) and quite practical and seems to go well with most things.

    If it's a choice between beige, pink, black and red, I will go for coral or salmon.:graucho:
  12. I vote for beige (I just bought one!) But beige is not exactly an accurate description of the colour- I would say mine is more Camel, it also has the g/h. I don't think it's bland at all- in fact I have had more comments about it being really glamorous and it looks great with a tan! Plus it's all over Paris Vogue.:yes:
  13. I dithered whether to get a beige myself but in the end I decided no, I like the way coloured bags really stand out and make a statement all on their own, brightening the plainest outfit
  14. Chanel beige is beautiful and classy & yes it is more of a camel and is warm and goes with alot. You can't lose!
  15. 'tho maybe practical ~ i'm just not a beige fan ~ i say red! ~ it's hot & it goes with lots of other colours ~ :love: