Beige east/west at Saks for $1395

  1. There is a beige caviar east/west with gold hardware at Saks for $1395. My SA is holding it for April until the end of today if anyone is interested. Her name is Delyse and the number is 248-808-0712.
  2. I've been getting questions on the color of the beige. The color code is 51225. I borrowed this pic from the ref library from Beautylicious of her cerf tote in the exact same color:
  3. Nordstrom MOA has an east/west in beige for $1395 too. Also, there is one A01115 in beige availabe for $1150.

    Both styles have gold hardware.
  4. caviar or lambskin?
  5. Are those pre price increase? What are they suppose to be priced?
  6. The one at Saks is in caviar.
  7. Yes, they are pre-increase. I don't know what they are now.
  8. It's supposed to be $1795 now.