Beige Cloudy Bundle Retracted by Paris

  1. My local SA in Singapore told me that the beige (khaki) cloudy bundle has been retracted by Paris due to identy issue. Anyone heard about this ???:confused1:
  2. Identity issue :confused1: , I do hope they have a lot of psycolobags available to help them through this difficult time....
  3. Ha ha, I was also asking the SA what "identity issue" means, but she was not able to elaborate.
  4. Poor bag...needs ambien..LOL
  5. identity issues? :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. ^^^ lol what is that!
  7. I believed I got everyone confused:sweatdrop: but I'm confused too. I'm thinking of getting this bag, but it got retracted. I'm trying to contact Roey's fav SA to help to chk if the bag can be found. Have anyone seen it, the khaki colored one?
  8. for the longest time i thought "why the hell do they care if paris hilton has an identity issue with her bag??"


    dear oh dear..
  9. They had one at NM in Tampa. 813-877-5700 ext. 2123
    Ask for Karen. Tell her Julieanne is waiting patiently and hoping the Ritz bag comes in soon! Did I say patiently? Well, I am trying to be

  10. I have a brand new - unused and unopened one on its way back to Neiman's in Texas - the "white" - which is actually beige. She sent it to me, but I didn't want it, so I never even opened the box. Call Shannon - 972-629-1700 - tell her you want Jenna's Cloudy Bundle that she is returning - its on its was back - she should get it in the next couple of days!!!
  11. I have the bag in the Bowler style, but I also have the Black in both styles...SO, I think I am going to keep a black b/c my sister has the light beige...IT'S GORGEOUS!! and I would keep mine, but since we share's pointless to have two of the same color!! Here are some pics though!
    chanel cloudy bundle beige 003.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 001.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 006.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 012.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 018.jpg
  12. Do you know if they have it in the darker brown? Thanks! I'm starting to get excited.
  13. I saw that one in the Chanel trunkshow at NM early Sept., however, they didn't order that color! :confused1:
  14. I wonder what they mean by identity issues? It has it's own line so it shouldn't feel lost.....

    Maybe it felt sad because of the name "cloudy"....when the other bags had names like luxury....or timeless....
  15. i am too confused too, what's actually the issue??