Beige Classic

  1. Is it true that after this season Chanel is not making the Classic ligne in Beige?Thanks!
  2. beige anything Timeless Classic?
    I've never heard that.
  3. The deal w/ that is that the Chanel BOUTIQUES - the ones not in a NM, Saks, Bloomines, etc. . . only ordered black and white THIS SEASON. The Chanel stores in the dept stores likely ordered beige and other colors, just not the freestanding boutiques.
    If they choose not to order them one season, doesn;t mean the color is discontinued.
    Does that make sense or even remotely help!? LOL!
  4. Yeah...I can't imagine them ever discontinuing beige...that's like discontinuing black and white for good! :wtf:
  5. yes it does thank you , i knew that couldn't be true lol
  6. Glad I gave in and bought my Beige/Camel medium/large double flap last week! Phew!:sweatdrop::woohoo: