Beige classic M/L flap or boy

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  1. Ok so after these ridiculous price increases I've decided to get into gear and get another bag .., typical it took a price increase to shake me into action! So I have a GST, jumbo, ML and two wocs all black caviar.

    What bag should I get next?
    A beige Clair M/L - although I'm petrified I'll get it dirty and therefore will never use it or...
    A boy - although I don't know if it's a classic... I want to buy timeless pieces I can keep forever
    Or a burgundy M/L classic? Although I don't think that colour will be in season till the fall
    Any other recommendations?
  2. I would get the beige M/L :] It's so gorgeous and it goes with everything!
  3. I'll go for beige m/l classic flap. It's classic and long lasting style. You maybe will not use it soon, but you def. will use it later. I was never think of buying beige classic jumbo flap few years ago and though I will never use it, and regerted I didn't buy at that time when I cost only $3,700. I bought my beige jumbo flap last year for $4,900 and still glad I got it before price hike.
  4. I'd also go for the beige M/L. I could be bias since I have one and love it. :biggrin:
  5. I think you need a boy in your collection.
  6. Use your bags! Don't buy a closet ornament! Look at the lambskin care thread and apply the suggestions to your caviar light colored bag. Don't buy it if it will stay in your closet. If you are that petrified, get a darker color!
  7. Definitely beige claire. It's a stunning, Classic Chanel! I'm so thankful to have the jumbo caviar w GHW.
  8. Where are u going to buy the beige clair m/l? Are there any around?

  9. +1..... I have mine and I love it!
  10. A boy is nice but i dont think it's a good investment in that you wont really be able to pull it off say, when you are 60. On the other hand, the classic flap can be carried at the age you are now as well as when you are older.
    I would go for beige m/l because i own one in lambskin myself and i absolute love love love it.Although beige lambskin m/l requires a bit more babying compared to caviar or in darker colours, it looks so classy and can be worn on special occasions whereas you probably wont want to wear a boy to a nice dinner.
    However, if you use your m/l and wocs for dinners and evening events already, you might want to consider a boy for casual outings or a classic flap combo that is easier to maintain.

    You could get a red/burgundy in lambskin if you are worried about colour transfer on the beige. Seeing that you already have a few caviars, you might want to try lambskin. The texture is so nice!
    I have a beige lambskin and i love love love love it but i know i have to be very careful with it since its in beige. I am not of much help am I? XD

    Whichever one you end up choosing, you can't go wrong!! :smile: good luck :smile:
  11. Beige!!
  12. +1
  13. Thanks so much for all your responses - i wasnt expecting so many of you to vote for the beige M/L. That was my preferred choice but i somehow talked myself into liking the boy.

    I totally agree - i have recently sold three chanel bags because they were never a little regretting sellling the black patent mini now after the price hikes...and the fact i sold it so i could buy a mini in caviar which i haven't been able to find :sad: Anyway I guess thats why im thinking so hard...which one would i use!

    Thank you xx
  14. You have a similar collection to mine and I was debating the same purchases. I love the beige Claire and feel it stands out when wearing it with black and goes with light colors obviously. It is a classic piece that you will use forever. Like you I was afraid of color transfer and getting the bag dirty although I would purchase it in caviar for that reason. The boy is just a cool, fashion forward bag. I also want a red color jumbo as my bags are all black. Also a classic piece. They are different bags and hard to compare. I wanted to compromise and get a beige or red boy but it wasn't the same as a classic flap in the beige or red and was not really what I wanted in a boy. I realized even if I purchased a beige or red flap I would still want a boy. Now that I purchased my black boy I still want a beige and red flap! I am not much help. I think the boy will be around for at least a few years. However, even if discontinued I still think that it will be a statement Chanel piece and a great bag to have in your collection. If you have the boy itch you will probably cave like the rest of us! Maybe for you, purchasing a boy in beige or red, which I think will be available for prefall would be a good compromise.
  15. I think Kris Jenner and Sharon Osbourne who are in the 60 range look great carrying their boy bags!