Beige Classic ‘Flop’: Keep or Return?

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  1. Thank you and I agree with you. You have to have that “it’s the one” kind of feeling. for the price, it can’t be just “meh”.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Nice
  4. Lol, it was the word that I immediately thought of when I opened it!
    I opened the package again first thing in the morning today and it just didn’t do it for me.
  5. Thank you! My SA was so understanding so I definitely will

    I just watched your coco handle video and I think I might get it. It was between this and the coco handle.
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  6. I know it’s nitpicking and nothing is perfect but here’s just another reason to return. The stitch bothers me.
    Thanks for all your responses!

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  7. I’d take it back. That color is near impossible to keep looking new and scratches are hard to hide. You’ll feel better with your $6K back in your bank!
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  8. Echoing what everyone is saying - there’s no reason to keep a 6000 dollar bag just in case you may like it or want it in the future. You don’t like it now! Aaaand there’s another bag that you do Love! Go for that one
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  9. I love this bag and, with this beige colour, I prefer silver hardware, it makes it more fresh. So it’s a perfect bag but it’s a lot of money and if you don’t love, please return it. If it’s not your style, it will sit in your closet and you won’t use it because it’s not your favourite. Buy what you really like, I understand that, after price increase, it will be too hard to buy a classic flap but, at least, you need just the bags you like and you already own a classic flap.
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  10. omg return!!! also this stitch doesn’t look good.

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  11. I mean, you called it a Flop? Why is this even a question? lol
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  12. You'd love the coco handle!!! So glad your SA was very understanding!
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  13. I've seen both beige clair in gold hdw & silver hdw and prefer the gold hdw in this combination. If you can, I would exchange it for the gold hdw and hopefully, you will not have to pay for the differential.
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