Beige Classic ‘Flop’: Keep or Return?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Hope you are safe and sane during this time.

    I kind of feel guilty for posting during this time but we all cope differently...anyway, here it goes.

    I am in a bit of a pickle here. I am one of the folks who ‘panic shopped’ for a classic flap before the price increase. I currently have a black Classic Flap Medium Caviar GHW in my collection and I always wanted a beige version with GHW.

    All stores are OOS of the GHW so I bought the “last piece” available yesterday (beige medium caviar SHW).

    When I unboxed it, it didn’t make my heart skip a beat - cheesy, I know (I just rolled my eyes). I don’t think I was disappointed because it’s SHW - I think the beige was just lighter than I hoped it would be in person. I am a bit underwhelmed. The purse was nicely packed and it is flawless but I just don’t know if it’s worth the $6300 (tax included) I paid for. Deep inside I know I can get a beige (shade that I like) Coco Handle GHW for a couple thousand $ less.

    I don’t know if I should return this and get a Coco handle instead or if I should keep this knowing that down the road, I may want a beige classic flap when price is more outrageous as it already is now and I would definitely regret not keeping this. I know for sure I will not buy a classic flap in the future with the new prices. I also know that I can buy a coco handle in the future (fingers crossed).

    I know ultimately it’s my decision but I wonder what you would do? Appreciate your thoughts.

    PS - I don’t think I will consider preloved/vintage at this point.

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  2. The bag is really beautiful but I totally understand your uncertainty! If it were me, I would probably return it. I don't like having things in my collection that don't make me super happy, especially at such a high price. Have you tried the bag on with a few different outfits to see if it suits your style? I do this with all of my bags just to make sure that it is versatile and worth the money. I hope this helped! x
  3. I like this idea! I will totally do this tomorrow and see what works. Thanks for your input. Very helpful.
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  4. Too much money for something you don’t love. I would return and look for one you like more on the preloved market. I only pay this much for a bag I absolutely love and know I will use often.
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  5. I think you have answered your own question. You unboxed a $6300 bag and were underwhelmed. I would return it.
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  6. It really sounds like you don't love it and while you can still return it, I would.
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  7. I would return, if you don’t love it. Just trust your gut feeling.

    I think beige is beautiful (my favorite chanel color) but I prefer it with gold hardware instead of silver.
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  8. I think you should return it and wait for one that you love. I also prefer a slightly darker beige and purchased a beautiful seasonal medium flap last year. Wait until you find a beige you love!
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  9. Thanks everyone for your input...I think I actually will return it.
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    Return it. I am a Lover of GH especially with this color
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  11. I will return also . I think GHW go nicer with this color .

    But what coco handle option are there ?
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  12. Don't roll your eyes at yourself... if your heart doesn't skip at a 6k bag, return. The last time I bought a classic flap, I actually gasped when I opened it (it's the white one in my profile pic). That's the reaction you want to have.
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  13. I know the "meh" feeling you described... I would love a beige caviar bag with GHW but it has to be the right shade of beige. Silver hardware doesn't do it for me, so I would return.
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  14. maybe put it on your shelf for two days and think about if you’d miss it? I once returned a bag cause I compromised on the hw and I recently found photos and totally regretted it.. haha
    on the other hand, when you’re already calling it flop it might be better to return it :P
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  15. SA has the medium coco chevron in caviar black / beige GHW.

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