Beige Classic back in stock at The Gardens Mall

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  1. I was just in The Gardens Mall boutique in Palm Beach Gardens and they just got re-stocked in the beige classic in medium and jumbo in both silver and gold hardware. So beautiful in person it was so tempting!

    The sales associate Barbara told me she has limited quantities of each but these have been out of stock for some times and they won't be getting more in for awhile.

    I had her told one of each for me while I decide on hardware (thoughts???) but wanted to share in case anyone was ISO. Ask for Barbara she is really nice to deal with. IMG_1469118166.963526.jpg
  2. I like the beige and gold hardware combo! What size are you plan getting. I still trying to figure out which size to get.
  3. I love the gold hardware too but wear mostly platinum Jewelry but feel like the gold is so Chanel! Jumbo is my favorite size. With two kids I usually need the extra space. I'm going back today to try on without kids so I can think!
  4. Thanks for sharing!
    Are these in caviar or lambskin?
    I personally prefer the medium with GHW - I think it's just such a beautiful combo and like lalalal0la said "so Chanel"
  5. Caviar