Beige Claire No More?!

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  1. I've been reading that Beige Claire has been discontinued but I just saw a Beige Claire WOC being sold with serial number starting with 22. Is that possible? Is this WOC a recent seasonal release then? Just need a little clarity...
  2. Ya I believe there is a beige woc on the fall act 1 list...But wait for the others to chime in...
    No more beige claire.... took me a while to gain closure on that :sad:
  3. Are they removing the color from all lines?
  4. I thought the beige Clair is back out but as a seasonal item? There's a few in the store stock thread under Chanel shopping.
  5. They have discontinued beige claire as a classic color. Now Black is the only classic color. Like all other colors beige claire will be brought in seasonally.. Is what I understand of it...
  6. My SA told me that beige is discontinued as a classic color but will be done seasonally in the same beige claire we've always loved :smile: It's back for fall act 1 for the classics and my friend just got a medium caviar with GHW so it's back to some capacity!
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  7. Oh okay. Thank you everyone for clarifying! I hope I can get my hands on one then! So excited that it will be back for the season! :smile:
  8. It's back out for seasonal. I just got one from fall act 1 collection
  9. Have you seen the beige WOC that's coming out? Is it beige Claire too?
  10. Is beige coming back for The jumbo size as well? I need a beige handbag and jumbo is My favorite size.
  11. Yupp! Medium and jumbo classics :smile:
  12. Nope I haven't seen that yet
  13. Where did you see the beige woc being sold? Did it have gold or aged rhuthenium hardware?!
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  15. Beige Clair means light beige. It could have been called that even though it's not the "classic" beige.