Beige Chanel classic flap existence

  1. Hello, I heard that Chanel had stopped producing the classic beige colour. However yesterday whilst in the Bond Street store I saw a women looking at two beige flap bags. Can anyone enlighten me please.
  2. The beige clair color is no longer part of the classic line. It is now seasonal and still available to find depending on the season. Hth
  3. I just bought one in Amsterdam!
  4. And I also noticed that it is slightly higher then my black one from 2014, and the leather is softer
  5. So interesting, I noticed that the lady in London was looking at both a silver hardware and gold hardware version.
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  6. I think the color may also vary depending on the season? Here's my classic 00V beige Clair bought in 2015

  7. Yea I have just found out that the US boutiques and departments stores have in the Beige classic Caviar flaps. My SA told me that the color varies depending on the lighting. I have actually just placed an order for a Beige flap in shw and am now waiting for the bag in the mail IMG_1494848498.125194.jpg IMG_1494848521.510201.jpg These are the pictures sent to me by my SA at BG. Hth
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  8. The ✨Color Code for Beige Clair is: 21209.✨ This is the case for both pre-seasonal (00V or REV) and/or the present seasonal Beige Clair classic flaps (17S, etc). If your tag displays this color code, the classic flap IS the same color as the non-seasonal, "timeless classic" Beige Clair and, I am fairly certain, should not be a variation of any other "Beige". :flowers:
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  9. Yea the tag said 21209 Beige. The SA meant the color could come across different under different lighting
  10. I still think the beige claire is the prettiest shade of beige that Chanel has come out with. It's a shame that it is the longer part of the classic line.
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  11. Just received my Beige m/l flap in the mail today.. however I noticed there is a loose stitch at the lower corner of the flap... what would you ladies do? IMG_1495187451.184715.jpg IMG_1495187469.609859.jpg IMG_1495187481.827914.jpg IMG_1495187493.031271.jpg
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  12. Would you mind let me know whether your authenticity card looks same as mine at all? I noticed the number font and the line up of the paragraph on my medium Beige flaps card looks different than the font and line up on my 17C black caviar mini... the medium flap card has the paragraph skewed a little bit over to the right rather than center. Can you ladies clarify for me? Thanks so much!

    Top: Beige Caviar medium classic flap card
    Bottom: Black Caviar mini card (17C) IMG_1495187906.463978.jpg
    IMG_1495187924.924558.jpg IMG_1495187937.902003.jpg
  13. I will take a pic later today!
  14. IMG_1495228775.118473.jpg
  15. is your beige flap the m/l size? I have not seen a m/l with ghw in a really long time and would really like to purchase one
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