Beige Cerf?

  1. I can't decide which cerf tote i want - i really love the beige, but my husband claims it will get filthy - do you think so? i have a 15 month old daughter so i am always putting down my bag, but i know it has feet on the bottom and i have a white goyard that is filthy so i am worried about this. My next choice would be the brown because it is so dark, it looks almost black but i feel like everything i have is black and i want a change. this will be my everyday bag - i wear a lot of neutrals, but does the beige (which seems kind of yellow) go with everything? need advice b/c i can't seem to make up my mind!
  2. I think the beige would hold up very well. It would have been my next bag, but I got a beige Medallion instead. I think the leather on the Cerf looks like it could be wiped off easily since there is no quilting or caviar. I think the beige is a great color and can be used year-round. I also think it would be a good "mom" bag.
    Good luck with whichever color you choose. I vote for beige. I don't think it's yellowish at all.
    -- Judy
  3. filthy is a strong word -- i don't see a beige cerf getting filthy unless you drag it through the mud. with that said, beige is a light color so you have to be prepared for a reasonable amount of wear & tear (especially if this is an everyday bag). on the plus side, caviar leather is quite durable and the feet will protect the bottom -- it's the edges that will get dirty or worn. as for the color beige in general, it's not my favorite but if you love it, who cares what i think!
  4. I don't think so. Like ^kicks said, caviar is very durable. :yes: Any dirt marks that get on it can easily be cleaned with leather cleaner (like Apple Guard). That's assuming that you at least take somewhat good care of your bags and don't toss them around. :yes:
  5. I have a beige Cerf and the same color beige caviar Jumbo. The color is magnigficent but it does take extra care. I love the Cerf so I am with kicksarefortwids..if you love the bag/color, you should go for it!
  6. The dark brown is indeed very dark but I am finding mine is so versatile in the deep chocolate color that it can actually be worn with more than a pure brown bag. And in natural lighting, there is no doubt the bag is a true dark chocolate brown. I've taken tons of photos of mine, and even in the bright outdoors I cannot get the color to capture correctly on camera!

    I have the beige Cambon Reporter and tote and do find I have to be more careful with these bags than I am with my darker ones.
  7. I don't think the beige cerf will get filthy., now regarding will you wear it with everything, I have had a beige cerf and a beige jumbo and sold both after very little use because the color just did not go with my outfits for some reason.....I think the dark brown might be a better choice for you, but if you have had other beige bags and have used them, then of course get the beige....:heart:H
  8. The beige cerf is not that hard to take care of, imo. I have white caviar bags and they are all spotless. Beige is darker, plus caviar is pretty indestructible! Go for the color you love and just make sure to wipe down the bag once in a while! :biggrin:
  9. Your chocolate brown cerf is gorgeous, Roey!!!
  10. ^Thank you!
  11. Thanks, this is helpful - i don't have any beige bags and the more i think about it, the more i think that it's easy to get a bag in black or brown, but finding a nice one in beige is not so easy. Plus, i wear a lot of brown, black, white, navy.....and beige looks good with all of those neutral colors. to keep it clean, i will just have to not hang the bag off my daugher's stroller like i do with my black balanciaga now!!! i don't even know why i am buying a bag when i just stick it on the stroller anyway (i am just so sick of my balanciaga)! does someone have a pic of themselves wearing the beige cerf? i am curious what it looks like on someone else! i'm calling Saks soon - EGC tomorrow!
  12. I think you will love the beige. I broke down and purchased a black Cerf today. Navy looks great with beige. I think its a smart buy especially with the EGC event.