Beige Caviar PST!! Bloomies in Boston!

  1. Impulse indeed, but so satisfied. :drool:

    I was torn between the beige jumbo flap and the beige pst (but i secretly wanted the flap more) so i called chanel boston but they were all out of the flap. later on last night, i walked into bloomies just to "window shop" and there it was...sitting pretty and so marvelously was the BEIGE PST CAVIAR in G/H. i posed here and there with it and bought it. it's such a perfect size for everyday use without looking too done up.

    3 counting! and more wanting!!

    bloomies in chestnut hill (newton, ma) has:
    1. black lambskin e/w with silverhardware
    2. beige classics, but no jumbo
    3. some luxury line
    4. white patent jumbo flap- REALLY CHIC!!

    ps- how the heck do you add pix? do you resize pix?

  2. congrats! will you please post modeling pics? i'm trying to decide btw the pst in beige or black
  3. congrats;)
  4. Congrats!!! Pics pls!! :yahoo: