beige caviar medium flap - advice please!


Mar 4, 2008
i've been contemplating getting a beige caviar medium flap. i have a black one now and i use it mostly at night. i am thinking i would use the beige mostly at night too probably primarily in the spring/summer. does anyone who has one use it a lot? i also thought about white, but in person, i just didn't like the white as much and i'm from new england and wouldn't really be able to use it much except for in the summer (a short 3 months here!). is it worth it to get it in beige? thanks for any advice!


Jul 15, 2007
Love your question because I too have been trying to decide on the beige med caviar flap! I also live in New England! I actually bought and returned a white caviar flap last year because I didn't think I could use the white enough here. While I loved the bag I'm still not sorry I returned it though because I don't think 3 months of occasional use is enough to justify the cost. Now I think the beige can be used year round in New England and it's such a neutral color. I think I'm talking myself into one!


Dec 6, 2007
i really like the beige flap too.. i think it can be good for evening or even days when you don't have too much to tote around, maybe to a lunch date? i'm still not sure though if i want one or a black med flap. good luck with your decision!

lily j.

Nov 6, 2007
I have been considering the same thing, also! I like the bag, but am unsure if that size and color will get enough use b/c I really need a bigger bag most days. So, if its mostly an evening bag. . . I'm curious to hear other opinions.


Aug 1, 2007
My bff just bought one in beige w/ gold HW and I think its very elegant.. the combo makes it look PERFECT. The size is OK for some people who don't bring lots of stuff. If you're thinking about getting for daily use then get the Jumbo, it also comes with Silver HW. In term of color, I think you can use it day/night. It depends on your outfit but I think beige with GH is very versatile.


May 9, 2006
this was my first chanel and i absolutely find it versatile for most of the occasions
sometimes i take it for work if i don't bring lunch box.
i wear it to attend most of the weddings
i take it to casual drinks at night
the color can match with many clothes, i tend to wear red, white, black and grey most. i wear it with both short straps and long strap, but i find long strap looks more chic..
u know what, i bought it 2 years ago and the price is jumped by 50% already.. :wtf:
i do recommend to get one if possible..

here is an old pic for me w my flap. :P


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