Beige caviar jumbo or beige medium patent?

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  1. I was hoping to find a beige m/l flap in caviar but so far I cannot. So I can either get the jumbo flap in caviar or the patent m/l. Which would you get? How does patent hold up? Thoughts? I will try to add pics later. I have to go out now.
  2. I would definately go for the caviar for a very light color like beige clair... I have one and i love her to pieces... Not to mention easier to clean with slight color transfer, which does happen with my baby from time to time ;)

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  3. I'd go for the caviar, but why can't you find one? Where are you located? I just saw two today in M/L caviar (shw and ghw) in Chanel.
  4. Caviar! I have most of my Chanel in caviar and love them all.
  5. Jumbo caviar. No questions. Patent does not have as long of staying power as caviar leather. Jumbos fit more too! Good for continental wallets and sunnies. Good luck! I have a blk jumbo single flap and love it.
  6. Oops forgot to add that I also saw two in jumbo (one shw and one ghw) so they are around, but it might depend on where you are located.
  7. Caviar! Patent leather in such a light color may cause color transfer issue.

  8. Tutushopper where did you see them? I have someone looking for jumbo GHW. Ty
  9. You should be able to find the light beige in m/l. I actually have seen them through pics my SA sent that still in the stores in the US.
  10. I would keep searching for beige caviar in m/l. I think the beige m/l caviar looks most elegant and I'm just a little scared of having a light colored bag in jumbo as well as in patent for myself.
  11. Ugh. Now I can't decide if maybe I want that patent m/l and the caviar jumbo. I need to just look at my closet and really think about how I would wear it. The jumbo would be more for daytime but the patent would be for evenings. I can't get the pictures from my email saved to my computer. Maybe I will try another way. I never saw myself as a patent girl but that m/l patent in the beige is so pretty. I always though patent was too flashy (for me) but in the beige it is a little less so.
  12. I own a lot of neutral colors. I never thought patent would be flashy in a neutral. Maybe it's just a matter of personal preference. I think the caviar can also be night time if you get the right size. I personally feel that jumbo is too big for night time (not dinner, like out out)! Let us know what yoy decide.

  13. I get such confusing messages. But I wanted the lighter color, not the one that has the slight pink undertones. Maybe that's why. Chanel says they didn't order the m/l in that color.
  14. I love patent, but not in a light color (for bags; for shoes I don't mind because they don't rub against jeans or anything). Although color transfer can happen with both patent and caviar, with patent it's permanent. I think light-colored patents don't age as well as dark patents. Go for the caviar, and wait for the right one. It's a big purchase and you should get the bag you want.
  15. I am not too concerned about color transference with the bags because I will most likely use them in the warm months. I won't be wearing dark clothes in the summer.