Beige caviar classic flap with silver chains

  1. Hello
    Do anyone of you got this bag? If so, can you post the pic here? I'm in the process of asking local Chanel boutique to order for me and wanna take a look first.
  2. Not sure if you meant the light beige (Ivory) or the darker more yellow beige, but here is my ivory color one. It has silver HW.
  3. Luccibag: Thanks for posting the picture of your ivory flap. It's so beautifulllllllllll. =)
  4. Love the ivory. Whish they still had that color available!
  5. very beautiful....:love: is this double or single flap ? medium or large..?..sorry asking to many questions :shame:
  6. Beautiful bag, Luccigirl!
  7. Oh, sorry I forgot to say the size is Jumbo caviar Classic.
  8. thanks for the have a great collections there and you truely diserve the title Queen of Chanel :flowers:
  9. thanks Luccibag.

    i want the more yellow beige, but your caviar is gorgeous. :biggrin:
  10. Yep yep! I agree, you're definitely the Queen of Chanel! :yes: that ivory color hard to keep clean?
  11. The ivory color is not hard to maintain, but when I received it I noticed it had blue color transfer from Jeans. No cleaner worked except Saddlesoap. I thought I'd have to take it into Chanel, but it cleaned it up nicely!! Looks new now.
  12. What is Saddlesoap? I never heard of. Thanks!
  13. Its a cleaner used for leather. You can buy it where you buy shoes. It works wonders cleaning bags.
  14. Hi Luccibag

    Do you know the model no for the classic 2.55 flap bag? I sent email to ask and the SA said they do have the bag with model no A01112 in stock. I wanna make sure this is the size I want. Thanks
  15. ^
    That number refer to regular medium size classic not 2.55