beige cambon--has anyone pretreated with applegaurd?

  1. Hi there,
    I have a beige cambon large tote that i rarely use because I am paranoid about bringing it out when it rains. Now for some crazy reason, I am having the itch to get the beige in yet another style...Has anyone here pretreated with applegaurd? My friends on the bbag forum rave about the product. If not that, any other product?? finally, those of you that use your beige frequently, how has it held up? many thanks for your advice!!
  2. I pretreated both my Cambon bags with Vectra 16. It seems to work great although initially I was apprehensive because one is white but it did not change the color and water rolls right off. I read somewhere on here about it.
  3. I dont think the cambon line requires any pretreatment.
    it holds up welll.
    I dont have the beige , I have the pink but it works fine in the rain, with jeans, with black jackets... nothing majorly damaging can be done to the cambon. their strong calf'ie skin.
  4. That's a great question. I want to look into treating my white cambon.

    I'm really worried about getting that one wet and dirty.
  5. i have a beige reporter. it's gotten sprinkled on by some light rain, but the leather dries without any water marks. however, i would be careful using it with jeans. my jeans have rubbed off onto the back and corners of the bag. i've read on this site that someone recommended a product that is sold at bed, bath, and beyond to remove this. i don't remember the name of the product, but will have to look into...
  6. I treated my white cambon reporter with Vectra 16. I purchased it online after an SA at Saks mentioned it to me. Apparently, they treat their bags with it. It is for fine leathers and fabrics. It did not change the color and I went out in the rain today and the water rolled right off. I am wondering if I can use it on my Luxe bags...I am nervous about that because the leather seems so delicate.

  7. Where online can get it!!? I love my white reporter but I'm scared to death to ruin it. If I can find something that makes water roll right off of it then I'm in.