Beige & Black?

  1. Do you guys think a beige monogram bag looks ok with a black outfit? Do you switch to a black bag if you're wearing black?
  2. I do both. Yes, you can use a beige bag with a black outfit.
  3. I prefer to switch bags. I'll switch to a black, metallic, or turquoise bag.
  4. I tend to switch to black, but I'd love to hear other people's answers as well! I know most people wear Louis Vuitton's monogram canvas with black, so I would think it'd be okay to wear beige monogram Gucci with black, too.
  5. its ok, ive def done it before BUT i prefer to switch to black UNLESS im wearing a full on black top

    i think it looks REALLY REALLY REALLY funny wearking a black top and a black purse, if they are both dark they will blend in...and if its not it will stand out (EEK!)

    so like if i was wear jeans, a white shirt with black designs/trim i would wear the black bag...but if i was wearing a black shirt and jeans id probably wear a red bag with accessories...sha know?
  6. I always wear LV monogram canvas and beige monogram gucci when I wear black shirt.

    I dont like to wear black outfit with black bag.
  7. i almost never wear black bags in the summer, so i would definitely wear a mono bag w/ a black or partially black outfit...
  8. i do beige with black and black with colorful.
  9. I do whatever strikes my fancy. I've done beige mono before w/ all black. If it looks good, then darn it, I'm gonna wear it!
  10. Black on black is definitely chic & classy. But having a bag with a different color will take the attention away from what you're wearing. It all depends whether you're highlighting your bag or your clothes.
  11. If I wear a black top I would wear my beige one because otherwise it looks so..BLACK :p

    And if I'm totally dressed in black then there is really no use to discuss it cuz then im defently choosing a beige purse instead of a black :yes: