Beige and Burberry honey vs stone color

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  1. Does beige clair GHW goes better with stone or honey color?

    Similarly, does beige on slingbacks goes better with beige or honey?

    I got a trench in the honey colir and now feel i should have got the stone. Or am I exaraggating trying to match these colors that are meant to be neutral by itself?
  2. I totally get where you are coming from. I've been trying not to get manic over matching the Ivory flap I just got.

    But, I think we need to remember that the beauty of these bags is that they are neutrals. So they will go with stone, honey, certain shades of taupe, etc. Because I didn't want to run out and buy a lot of different ivory shoes I've been trying out a variety of other options. I think if you play with it you'll love the versatility. 😄
  3. I'm glad someone understands me. :smile:

    While my brain agrees with your statement about neutrals, I put my trench on eBay, and will buy Stone instead of Honey. I think it's a bettr neutral. It's crazy what I'm doing, I know..
  4. I get this. My trench is honey - I much prefer this colour. And I think it doesn't match silver hardware well but looks amazing with gold. :smile: