1. Bonjour,

    I am going to beicester next week so if anyone wants me to have a look for anything let me know

  2. Hi Eviemarie,

    Could u please see if they have any Annie's, Anotony or Mables ?
  3. Wouldn`t mind a nice "green" tone or "purple" tone scarf ,dont mind if its cashmere or lambswool, if you have the time to look.
  4. No Probs Ladies Will Let You Know.

  5. Concertina wallet in oak, please :yes:


  6. Hi Eviemarie

    Could you check on Oak Phoebe in Darwin, please.

    Much appreciated

  7. Hiya, can you see if they have any Roxy's no preference to colour, thanx

    Happy Shopping :biggrin:
  8. ditto- If you see one i just want to know what the interior is like!!!:graucho:
  9. Have a look on eBay for detailed pics. They're all big fat fakes but I'd imagine the genuine wallet has a similar interior :yes:
  10. Hi Eviemarie

    If you have not been as yet - please see if they have any Emmy purses.

  11. Hi there Evie!! Did they have any Hanovers by any chance???
  12. Hi Evie - have a good time. Seems like you're going to be going with a shopping list as long as your arm!!
  13. i know how funny i am not going til friday so i will have to start my list!! i wi;ll enjoy it though!!
    I may be in trouble as i have some extra cash and know where i want to spend it.
  14. If you see a Mollie can you put it under your coat for me and run out the door really fast!!!!!! thanks!!!!:wtf:
  15. could you do the same for an oak blenheim too? hopefully it'll fit under your coat too. hehe... thanks :p