Behold! The Mia Signature Sateen Outline Maggie!


May 18, 2010
So, at the beginning of the year my DH and I decided to take a whole lot of stuff we were not currently using and stick in storage. At the beginning of October we decided that we did not need the storage unit any longer...or the stuff inside. We sold the big stuff on Craigslist and gave most of the other stuff to Goodwill, except the 4 huge boxes in the back marked "Bags and Wallets." Most of the stuff in the boxes I don't even remember buying or what on earth was I thinking when I bought them! A friend of mine and I cleaned everything up and posted everything on eBay. Most of my older Coach bags I was worried were not going to sell well because they had such low bids so close to them ending. My friend said "Wait for the roller coaster." This is the time when there is a minute left and bags were climbing in price (some even hundreds more!). I made over $1200 and kept my Penelope Swing Bag, the Carly that my mom gave me, and my Dooney and Bourke limited edition Disney bag. I needed a large bag though that kept all my stuff organized for work. The Carly was big enough, but everything got lost in the one main compartment. Luckily I waited and found just what I was looking for:yahoo:

The interior is much more spacious than I thought. And I loooove the purple satin lining. Right now I have my Blackberry, my Kindle, my keys, and my wallet (Signature Soho French Purse I picked up over Labor Day weekend at the Camarillo outlet for $35:graucho:). There will also be room for my small Oberon organizer when I get it too. The "C"s are very subtle compared to the photo, I think the flash bounced off os them and made them stand out more.
I was wondering it was going to be way too big to pass off as a normal purse, but man it is soooo perfect. The only downside is it makes a lot of noise. The metal rings make noise and the metal Coach tag clinks against the metal Coachman tag when I walk. Then again, the strap on my Carly creaked like a haunted house. Now where to put my pink and black Skully on it? Maybe I will just keep him on my Carly for now.


Former Hoarder
Congrats! This is beautiful, I'm so torn between getting a Maggie or the Mia Carryall in the sig outline, and this made my decision harder. I keep saying I'm going to get a Maggie as my first leather bag, because I love the shape and size of it, but I really like it in the sateen now also! I guess it just depends on what I find in the carryalls at my outlet. Really nice story, and great buy!


Coach-my candy store
Nov 12, 2009
Congrats on a lovely bag!

What a great story! I've been cleaning out my room and closet and keep coming to tPF for little breaks. Your story just provided some needed motivation! Thanks!!!
Nov 23, 2009
Congrats! I love the Maggies!

Oh, Crowfan...I have a Maggie and the Mia Carryall. They are both great bags!


soon-to-be peach
May 17, 2009
Congratz on your new Mia Maggie! It sounds like love :yes: I hope you enjoy carrying her.


Jun 18, 2010
She's GORGEOUS! I love the colour of the lining. I hope you enjoy her. Congrats :smile:


Nov 9, 2009
I was drooling at that one on line today and had to remind myself that I don't need another black bag. Thanks for letting me live vicariously!! LOVE the lining too!!!


Aug 25, 2010
Walked by this bag more than a few times....will have to take a closer look at gorgeous!


Nov 21, 2006
Congrats! I saw a girl with the same bag last week, very cute! I have this bag in the Navy Lurex Op Art -love all the compartments.