Behold. The Louis Vuitton Football/Soccerball!

  1. I just gotta share this since I have never seen this before. :yes:

    LV Football.
  2. Holy snapping ducks robin!!! Is that for real??
  3. Check out that price! Thats crazy. :nuts:
  4. Hey, the eBay seller is a tpf member. She posts in the Hermes forum.
  5. yes. it's authentic. like the auction says, a limited edition from 1998.
  6. Vuitton often makes special order sports items...i once saw a Petanque set, & Rugby ball. I'm sure for collectors and not for use on the field !! & Not cheap !!!!!
  7. Wow, LVoe the vachetta straps!!!!
  8. Hmm, not sure what I think of this!
  9. I know that ball!! I saw it when it first came out ,, I was a kid back them and didnt know what LV was but I was screaming and shouting for my mom to buy it for me ,, I guess it was the birth of my LV addiction :p
  10. It is to cool.