behind every great bag, is there a story?

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  1. it occurs to me that the most popular (if this forum is any indication) h bags have legend and lore behind them.
    kelly, existed prior to, but now forever linked to the princess.
    birkin, based on the hac but revised for ms. birkin.
    jpg, wonderful wacky new head designer shaking things up.
    bolide, first to have a zipper and designed for madam hermes.

    some people unacquainted with the quality of hermes dismiss the success/appeal of these main bags due to a popularity contest, but i wonder if the romance of the stories behind them aren't perhaps very relevant characteristics to their appeal.

    is there a story behind some of the other bags as well?
    i think ms. yeoh is probably the most modern muse.

    is there a story for the plume, the omnibus, the constance?
  2. I think you are on to something here - I would take it a step farther and say that it was the underlying facts associated with the story that drove the success of each bag - for instance, the "edits" made (allegedly for Jane Birkin) made the birkin bag more ergononically-correct than the HAC for a wider group of women; the fact that Grace Kelly carried the (now-named Kelly) bag, changed the image of the bag from androgynous (when Marlene Dietrich carried the 40 cm) to elegant and "ladylike"; Gaultier, in fact, did modernize the bag for a younger more urban audience. This is what a colleague of mine calls "the Beef" (as in, "Wheres the beef?"). Just my 2 cents.

    I am still curious as to who is Lindy, though. Does anybody know who the heck is Lindy?
  3. I only know that most of the bags with female names like the Sandrine, Christine, Evelyne, Constance...(can't think of others at the moment) were the names of Mr. Hermès' daughters, nieces, grandaughters ect....
  4. I need someone to refresh my memory on the origins of "whitebus."
  5. I believe the Lindy is named after Charles Lindburgh.
  6. I know there's one for the Plume and Constance...have been wondering on the Lindy, too.....
  7. My SA told me that the Bolide was "born" while Mr. Hermes was riding in a vehicle. He saw the back of the roof-line of the vehicle in front of him, and took the curve of the roof-line and made it the curve of the top of the Bolide and added a zipper....
  8. The Bolide was at first called the Bugatti, but that company threatened with a lawsuit if the name weren't changed. Hence the name was changed to Bolide after another car of the same era.
  9. HG, where do you find this info? You know what I am going to ask.....Lydie?
  10. Talking to the SA's, reading articles on Hermes, sometimes tidbits can be found on auctions on eBay, etc. Luckily, my memory is good, I can recall a lot of what I read, as long as it's something I'm interested in. These are the benefits of sticking to rolling just scarf hems, unlike Shopmom.
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