Beginners Collection...

  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently became very interested in designer handbags. I wanted to make a small first purchase to start off my collection, not having a lot of knowledge about this kind of stuff yet. I purchased a signature coach demi pouch with matching wallet from an outlet in Naples, Florida, and I am in love with it!

    I was just wondering what you "experts" recommend as the basic building blocks for a well rounded collection. While I do believe Coach will always be my favorite, I am quickly falling in love with Burberry, Dooney and Bourke, LV, and Chanel, and I am excited to discover new "classic" bags out there.

    So, what are the bags you guys think should be a member of everyone's collection?

    Happy Shopping,
  2. get what you like, that will keep your collection comfortable. find what you like that is in your price range, save up to make it a special occasion, and there you go! Collections happen with love and time! (AND, the occasional lovely sale..)

    good luck and welcome to the forum!
  3. You named some classic designers and within each "house" there are classic bags. When you have time to spare, look at the reference threads in the designer forums to see which designs appeal to you. If something is "classic" but you don't love it, pass on it. There are some threads on D&B, too.

    The LV Speedy and Chanel flap are classics but both designers have many fantastic bags. My personal favorite, which could be in the future for you, is Bottega Veneta, one of their woven bags.

    It sounds like you don't necessarily want the latest "It" bag, but ones that will look good over time. go to the forums that interest you and ask the members there what they think--you'll receive lots of helpful replies.

    Best wishes!:flowers:
  4. My own collection started with Coach, and has branched out to some unexpected finds that are not necessarily the predictable houses, but they are perfect for me. So I say just follow what you love, and never be afraid to try something out of the ordinary.
  5. I think an LV speedy, Marc Jacobs Stam, and Gucci hobo would all be good investments at first!
  6. hi smiley! I also say to go w/what you like. After all, you're gonna be the one wearing it & using it, hopefully you'll like it!

    But then again, I am partial to Lesportsac right now, so I say start there! :p
  7. Definitely Chanel classic flap and LV speedy.
  8. LV speedy and gucci hobo.
  9. How great that someone started this thread! I've a few handbags on hand that are considered mid-range (Aaneta, Gwen Royce, and Hobo International, amongst them), but am only now seriously considering getting higher-end handbags. I'm looking at acquiring a LV Damier Azur Speedy 30 (am on the waiting list!), and am gearing up to purchase a Balenciaga 06 Twiggy, maybe in Sapin (dark green). I'm so excited about the prospect of getting these bags that I'm absolutely GIDDY! :nuts:

    I'm a newbie poster on tPF, can't you tell?
  10. I love that you're enjoying the search for great bags! Get what you love, not just what's in demand. You live in an area with so much shopping, you should be able to find any bag!