Beginner: Should I get the Speedy 25 or 30???

  1. okay, hello! I am new to designer purses. Decided that I looove the LV mongram and the speedy 25 would be my first splurge.

    afterall, we just got a LV store in my area, so better time than any, right?!!:love:

    anyhow, I haven't headed to the store yet, but I am a little defensive because of past shopping experiences. Let's just say that I am a "casual" jeans and T-shirt girl and mid-twenty-something that looks about 20 according to everyone else.

    In other words, like many of you, I feel that I have been brushed off by snooty sales people who think I am either "broke" or "just looking".

    I get an attitude back fast too, because afterall, they are working in retail - so who are they to look down on me? (not picking on others here who may work in retail, it is just sh!tty to fork over a ton of cash to someone who doesn't do their job well.

    Sometimes I feel like saying: "darling, we have a six figure household income, I promise I am not going to shoplift this eyeliner! Stop staring at me"

    So anyways, I would like to have an idea of which bag I want before I go looking. Does anyone know the size difference between the Speedy 25 and 30? Any opinions on if the 25 is too cramped/small. There isn't a big price difference so any thoughts on which one I should get?
  2. i understand how you feel... i am 25, and people are often surprised when i tell them how old i am, because i am often mistaken for being a high school student. at most, people assume i'm 18 or 19 but not older. and when i go shopping, sales associates don't often take me seriously. sometimes i am ignored until i actually bring something to the register for them to ring up. i get this more in higher end boutiques, probably because they think i can't afford anything.

    do you live in the U.S.? you can always order from, as they are they only legit website that sells authentic LV. the speedy is a popular and iconic bag, so i wouldn't worry about it not being in stock.

    as for which size to get, you can always check out the Visual Aids thread in the LV reference library section... just do a search for speedy 25 and 30, and you can see pics that other members have posted of themselves carrying the bag (for size reference).

    personally, i prefer the speedy 25 because i am rather petite (5'3" tall, 110 lbs) and the speedy 30 looks to big on me. plus, i don't like that the 30 sags more than the 25.
  3. You have to try it out and look at yourself in the mirror carrying both. The Speedy 30 is a lot bigger, and the 25 holds a lot. I think when you go in there, and start talking to the SA, and let them know you know the LV terminology, they will take you seriously. Even if you just say, I'm interested in looking at the monogram speedy 25 and 30...
  4. You should never feel intimidated to go into a store, no matter what kind of store it is, because you feel that people will judge you based on appearance. I kinda know how you feel b/c I am 22 but look a lot younger, but that in no way means that I am less deserving of good customer service.

    Anyway, I would def try out both bags with the things that you normally carry on a daily basis in them and see which you prefer. The 25 is ~$595 I think and the 30 is ~$620, so not a significant price difference.

    Good luck and let us know which one you decide on!!
  5. I like the 25 size better, especially if you are petite. I also like that the 25 doesn't sag like the 30 does.
  6. very helpful, thanks! I will post an update after I decide/purchase!
  8. I totally agree with the whole "ignored by the S.A.s" thing. I also look very young (I have been asked where I plan on attending high school- I am 22 and graduated college already lol) and people tend not to pay attention to me in boutiques and such. Like someone else said, if you really don't want to deal with it, order from Elux. Lately I have been using their Live Chat a lot, it's actually quite helpful. I'm sure if you asked, the rep would tell you exact measurements of the 25 and 30. I have a 25 in Epi (which people say is slightly larger than the mono Speedys), but I really never ever fill it to capacity. I don't carry much on a daily basis besides wallet, small make-up case, cell phone, keys, bottle of water. But, if I wanted to, I could fit a book in my 25 and I have also put a pair of flats, size 7, in there before. LOL. Good luck though!
  9. I too, am 25 and look young. I understand where you're coming from with the whole 'being ignored by the SA' thing, as it happens to me quite often. I have learned to get over it, just the same as I have learned to get over the attitudes people tend to have toward my chosen career in retail (ex. ...because afterall, they are working in retail - so who are they to look down on me?"). There is no reason for people to look down on others, no matter who they are or what they do! Just ignore it, carry on, and be confident in the fact that you can afford such luxuries at a young age.

    To answer your original question, though...i just purchased the mono speedy 30 and love it! it's the perfect size for me, but i'm a bit on the tall side (5'9").

    Enjoy whatever you choose...happy shopping!
  10. I like the speedy 25, I just like smaller looking bags.
  11. I think the speedy 30 is a couple inches longer and about an inch taller. I prefer the speedy 25, since I think the 30 is a little big for me but it depends on if you carry lots of stuff and if you like bigger bags.
  12. My vote is for the speedy 30, it's only $25 more than the 25 and it's quite a bit bigger! :yes:
  13. I too love the 30! In fact it's almost too small LOL, no really any bigger and it would be large but the 30 is perfect.
  14. 30 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  15. I agree with the looking young thing. I'm 23 and look like I'm in high school. to top that off...i always end up in the LV store in sweats. Sometimes I do get SAs that ignore me, but I actually prefer that when I'm just browsing. there's less pressure to buy. I just go and pick up the bag from the shelf myself and try it on. lol by then someone will usually come over and ask if i need help. I really dont care what the SAs are thinking, I'm too busy oogling the bags! Its funny how your treatment changes if you walk into the store dressed like crap BUT carrying an LV bag though. The SAs literally fawn over you then.

    I think the size of your speedy depends on your needs and your height. I love big bags, so I got the 30. However, if you are petite, the 25 may look better. Both bags can carry a ton of stuff.