Beginner sewing machine

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of buying a sewing machine but I really have no experience and wanted your opinions on what to get.

    What would you recommend as a good, inexpensive sewing machine for beginners? Are there any particular brands that I should be researching? What do you all use?
  2. I came to this forum wanting to ask this same question! The only thing I know is I have been recommended to buy a brother...was told a good inexpensive sewing machine can start at $200.00
  3. Thanks for the insight, I was thinking of getting a Brother too.
    I was looking at this one:
    Brother International™ CS6000i Sewing Machine

    or the cheaper version:
    Brother International™ XL2600i Sewing Machine

    I guess either are fine for beginners and there seem to be lots of Youtube video tutorials for them too.
  4. You should look into Baby Lock machines. I bought one on a whim to use as a back-up while my Pfaff was being serviced and now the Pfaff sits in its case gathering dust.
  5. I second BabyLock. Janome is also another brand to consider as they offer a lot of value in their lower price points.

    You might also consider a used machine. Many people trade them in when they buy new ones and you can be assured that their trade in has been serviced.

    Once you've used your starter machine for a while you'll have a better idea of what you want and can save up for something more substantial.
  6. A good place to research sewing machines is a website called if you sign up you can search further back in the archives. It's a great resource for anything having to do with sewing. I can also recommend for how-to video classes.
  7. i can help!!, so what do you want to make?? and out of what materials? price range? and how often will you use it?
  8. I suggest you ask family and friends if you can borrow a machine for a few months. Take a basic sewing class and see if you like it.

    There are different machines great for different purposes. You might discover you like quilting. Or fashion. Or machine embroidery on ready made towels, tote bags, etc.

    See what you fall in love with as you go then you'll learn about which machine is best for your projects.

    Have fun!
  9. I have the same problem!
  10. I agree that you could try borrowing a machine from someone first to see how you like it and to help you to think about what you will need. I am just starting to teach myself to use a machine and found a youtube instructor that works for what I need to learn. I bought my Brother from Walmart about seven years ago and I'm just starting to get around to using it now.